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Imaginext Front Loader Truck

Comes with 2 levers, one to raise and lower the bucket and one to dump it and also includes a figure, hard hat and vest.


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Imaginext Mega T-Rex

The Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex will transport your child to a fantastical world of dinosaurs, robots, and soldiers. Designed for ages three and up, this motorized toy features enough interactive parts, sound effects, and snap-on accessories to keep your child occupied for hours. Standout features include two firing cannons, an opening cockpit, and a push button that makes T-Rex burst into action.


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Motorised Batmobile 2.jpg

Imaginext Motorised Batmobile

The motorised Batmobile coomes with Batman and 3 barrels to crash into for cool action! Turn the "bat key", watch it "pulse" forward and then see it take off! 


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Ocean Boat 1.jpg

Imaginext Ocean Boat've set sail on the high seas looking for adventure, and you've found it. While loading the cargo in the hot sun you see a giant splash out in the distance. What could it be?


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