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Bananas in Pyjamas Bedtime Buddy

B1 and B2 are tired so "it's sleep time", lie them down and put them to sleep to hear them snore. 


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Bananas in Pyjamas Fun House Playset

After a long hard day of solving problems, the Bananas in Pyjamas like to arrive home and relax! Their funhouse playset offers them comfy beds to sleep in or two pink sofas in the living room for chilling out on. The best part of this funky house is the magical stairs that play the theme tune whenever the characters walk up and down!


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Bananas in Pyjamas Talking B1 and B2 Plush

Meet B1 and B2. They are fun loving twins that like nothing more than to make their friends laugh. This Bananas in Pyjamas talking Soft Toy will say one of 5 phrases from the popular TV show and sing the catchy Bananas in Pyjamas theme tune. Simply squeeze tummy to activate. Made from soft and cuddly fabrics plus embroidered facial features.


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